Web Development

Not only can I handle the project discovery and design, but I can move right into development without missing a stride. This is where I make things work and we will not bore you with the technical jargon of it. Just understand that I will employ years of knowledge and the newest programming standards to ensure that your site will function properly, is secure and built with maintenance and future enhancements in mind.

I love creating usable, balanced web designs, but my real passion is writing the clean, optimized code needed to run it. I believe strongly in “function over form”, so I work hard to ensure the priority of every site I develop is on the user. I also believe that your success defines my own success, so I view top quality work as my livelihood.

I take pride in our code, and strive to make sure my code is not only elegant, but simple and organized. All of my code is hand written; I don’t use code generators or WYSIWYG editors in my production. This way, I can ensure our code is as readable, flexible, and easy to maintain as possible.

Whatever the project, I’m always happy to sit down with you and use my years of experience to help discuss strategies or estimates for any of your upcoming web projects. Need to get in touch? Contact me¬†about any of your web development needs. Already know what you want? Fill out a request for quote form and get a free quote within 24 hours.