Besides the fact that he is a versatile, talented programmer, Tejas is real and true. He communicates in a patient, generous manner. He is honest about his schedule and always comes through for me – even when I have needed rush projects. Tejas is reliable and trustworthy. The other strength is that he is not a quitter. Tejas will stay with a problem and pursue it through research, tenacity, change of approach – and anything else that it takes to get a site to behave properly. He has the kind of determination it takes to follow through – no matter what the challenge is.

He is one of the best professionals I have worked with. Tejas is top-notch. He has never failed to communicate with me, or to deliver on the promises he has given. He has always been fair and flexible in working with me to resolve whatever challenges we run into with getting a site to function properly. Even under pressure and lack of sleep, he keeps a good attitude and works WITH me, not against me.

Amy Collen, DesignWise Art