RainWorld was my freelance business since 1996, and the time had come to let it go as a 'business'. It's time had finally come after 24 years of galavanting around the web. And what a ride it's been! I've got to meet and work with some great people, and have seen the web turn into something we could have only imagined. And yes, you're wondering, 'a front end developer of all these years made this lame page?'. Yes, as an homage to when the web, at it's essential level, was about just sharing information. Some of you might remember.

I have been working fulltime or as a contractor for companies for the last five years as a front end developer, and more specifically, a Magento front end developer (certified in 1 and 2). I've got to play with things such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP/MySql and a touch of React.

I'm currently located in Newburgh, New York. You can contact me at tejas.monteverdi@gmail.com or 503.888.3531.

Also on LinkedIn.

I'm currently employed at Sooryen Technologies as a Senior Magento Front End Developer

Working with Sooryen Technologies, I've been priviledged to work with great clients like:

Over the years, a few of the clients I've worked with were: